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Your Springs Are Important, Take Care of Them

Our garage door spring repair service can help you keep your panel safe and secure. The springs are responsible for holding the weight of your panel, so it is important to make sure that they are in top condition at all times.

Having old, broken springs can result in your garage door not being secure. This means that you may be at risk of it falling down at any minute, or not being able to be raised.

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Extension Spring Replacement and Spring Repair

Do you need to replace garage door spring? It is also recommended to replace both of them at the same time. Replacing one spring can cause your door to open and close crookedly. This may result in unnecessary damage to your panel, cables, and springs. Always keep your garage in great condition by replacing both springs when performing a spring replacement.

Many garages use extension springs. This type of spring constantly stretching and compressing, and it is specifically made for a certain height or weight. Because of this, repairing and replacing it can be a tricky process. Have you noticed your panel not opening the way it usually does? If so, you may be in need of a garage door extension spring repair.

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We fix broken springs. This can be a very tricky process that is always best left to a professional. An accident while fixing a spring can result in serious injury or even loss of life.

The last thing you want is your garage panel crashing down as you’re trying to fix it. If this happens, you may risk having to have a complete panel replacement, as well as taking care of any damage it may have done to your vehicle or bodily injuries.

Play it safe by calling our service for help. Keep your panel safe, secure, and reliable by properly maintaining your springs as well as the other components of your garage door system.

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